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What is Web Hosting?

So... you are wondering what web hosting is and how you can put your web site on the web for everyone to see. You have come to the right article.

Have you read the What is a domain article yet? If not, please read it before continuing.

You have registered your very own domain now, and you are wondering where to put the html files. Before you will be able to do that, you will need to know what web hosting is and what it can do.

Web Hosting in an essense is like a house. You can put anything you want into this house. If you read the previous article about domain names, you would know that a domain name is like a house number plate. So now when you apply this house number plate (domain name) onto this house (web hosting), visitors who wish to visit you may browse whatever content you put in this house.

And of course just like a real house, you can put a lock on which room (folders) you don't want people to be browsing to and only allow visitors to browser the files you put in the public room.

Now that you have grasp the concept of web hosting and domain names, you are wondering what a web hosting control panel is for! To simply put a control panel is like the style of the house that you want to live in, like a condo or a townhouse. Condos usually have some features that a townhouse don't have, for example like a security guard. But with this security guard feature, you are most likely going to have to pay extra for the monthly maintenance fee.

Simple enough and want to get started with your web site ? Click here too see our web hosting services and here for domain registration