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Canadian OwnCloud Server Hosting

OwnCloud is the leading open source cloud based file storage application.

Like the name implies, OwnCloud will let you create your own Cloud based collaboration platform.

It allows you to share and access your files, calendars, contacts and mail remotely using any device.

With OwnCloud, you no longer have to rely on large corporation such as Dropbox to host your content. You can do it all by yourself! Best of all you can have your data stored within Canadian soil. Your data will not be govern by other government entities.

For more information, check out OwnCloud's website

About our OwnCloud System Hosting

Our servers are located inside of Canada (Toronto, Ontario) and it is perfect for Canadian VOIP due to low latency to you.

Click here to see our OnwCloud compatible VPS servers. Click here to see our OwnCloud compatible dedicated servers.

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